Date: 22nd January 2013 at 1:19am
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Do I need to point out it wasn't a defeat?

Daily Express take the De Gea criticism a bit far

It Seems with the general media clamour to blame United’s young goalkeeper David De Gea for the draw against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane, some of them are getting a tad carried away. I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure when your team scores the same amount of goals as the opposition in a Premier League game of association football then that’s classed as a draw and not a ‘defeat’.

I understand the fact that a defeat would be more dramatic but surely even the most ambitious journalist cannot expect United fans- or the general public – not to notice that the Reds didn’t actually lose. It seems the zeal to chastise De Gea has now gotten so great newspapers are willing to re-write history to do so. Not since the ‘We Won 1-1″ headline of the New York Post following the USA national sides draw with England can I remember such an erroneous headline.

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23 responses to “[Picture] Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of De Gea Bashing”

  1. Masota Madulu says:

    Exactly! We controlled them while Cleverley was around. Fergie made a mistake replacing him with Valencia

  2. greenhoff77 says:

    As a red we always keep our finger on the pulse…after reading what gary neville had wrote about how De Gea is to blame all i can say to Gary is …Shaun Goater vs. United, 9/11/2002 …remember Gary ? the time you lost it on the dead ball line, when all you had to do was leave it. i remeber it Gary very well.

  3. Danny Boy says:

    I think with De Gea everyone misses the point Neville may be trying to get across. Do fans really see him in the sticks for the next 20 years? I certainly don’t. His future lies in Spain with Barca or Madrid. He may be with us for 5 more season max but how many will be good? 2/3? I would much rather have signed a player who would stay for a long time if we’re going to develop them!!?? With this in mind and the fact it’s his second season (which he’s improved alot from last) then I presonally would get rid and buy someone who’ll stay with the club for a long time. On the same point I found it astounding that Evra managed to avoid any stick!! He jumped with Vidic and the keeper leaving Lennon in acres to pick a pass. Evra was never going to beat De Gea or Vidic in the air!!