Date: 31st January 2013 at 3:25am
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De Gea – Could, and maybe should, have been stronger for their goal but as the game grew he was forced to make a couple of important saves, most notably from a direct free-kick. 6

Jones – Did a good enough job in his fullback position but was later moved to a holding midfield role where he let the game pass by him without influencing the match. He wasn’t the only one though. 6

Smalling – Not his usual composed self, he looked shaky at the back and unnaturally nervous, especially when clearing the ball. 5

Vidic – Not his best performance by any stretch, Nemanja too looked out of sorts and lacked composure, best highlighted by when he headed a simple loose ball out for a corner when he’d normally have controlled it and cleared it up field. 6

Evra – He’s somehow turning into a real attacking force this season. Once or twice would have you believe his aerial abilities have been a fluky when aiding us but its happened so many times that you’ve got to put your hands up and appreciate his work. 8

Kagawa – Energetic and exciting, his touches and vision were key to everything that we did well in the first half. Disappointingly poor in the second half though. 7

Carrick – At fault for the first, and sloppy at other times, he was the main reason we were overrun in midfield late on. Better he get it out of his system now than against Madrid though. 4

Anderson – Played some good passes here and there but overall looked lost and unreliable. Not the first time he’s disappeared when paired with only one midfield partner. 5

Welbeck – As per usual with Danny, you can never say anything bad about his work ethic but today he lacked a lot of quality when passing the ball, especially in the second half when placed under pressure. 5

Van Persie – Another big player who had a bad game. Having said that, he was desperately unlucky not to score on two desperate separate occasions. 6

Rooney – Did tremendously well to bag two goals and turn the game around. Unlucky not to get a hatrick after his poor touch took him too close to the keeper. 8


Ferdinand – Added some much needed composure to the team and insured we would see out the remainder of the game without conceding. 7

Rafael – Did his job at the back without making too many mistakes. Good enough. 6

Nani – Unfortunate not to grab an assist after a delightful cross for RvP. 6


10 responses to “Player Ratings: United v Southampton”

  1. Alan Holden says:

    The second best team on the pitch won. Saints were all out to stifle United and did a pretty good job of it.
    Carrick and Ando had a shocker while Rooney played a blinder – one man team yesterday, despite what SAF says, we were not a TEAM!

  2. Tanx god we won d match n dt’s d most important tinx

  3. Graeme Lennox says:

    When are people going to realize that Michael Carrick has not suddenly had one bad game, he’s the weak link in an otherwise very talented squad and will always struggle against a half decent mid field

  4. gamole richard says:

    british press stop flattering welbeck.he does average thgs any player in pl can do.nothg expectional abt him.

  5. Greatman says:

    I personally didn’t think Man Utd played well last night although they had got a 2-1 victory.
    The diamond formation was not mature and it nearly cost them to pay the price.
    There were lots of moments that 3 players were tracing the ball at the same time. No one knew who should be play which area.
    Of course, they wanted to play like Barcelona way but they were not capable to do that especially in current quality of the team.
    Missing control in midfield almost killed them. Anderson’s playing way required too much phyiscal but he was currently not in good shape.
    Carrick was too slow and soft as a defensive midfielder. Wellbeck was the worst player of the game, his passes and shoot has no quality.
    Kagawa was still not matched with the team. He was too easy to lose ball and didn’t do well on defensive.

  6. Pre Munich Red says:

    Surprised at comments about Jones and Rooney. Once Jones went into midfield I thought he was excellent with some strong forceful runs. Although Rooney’s first half performance was one of his best ever for United his second half was one of the worst I can remember. There was a 30 minute spell in the first half where we were so good that we became complacent, took the foot off the pedal and couldn’t get back into gear again.

  7. Pre Munich Red says:

    What a shame that Fergie is so inept that he can’t see how awful Carrick is. Never mind Graeme you obviously know far better than Fergie so perhaps you could take over once the buffoon retires eh?

  8. Abson says:

    Pls s.f we need wanyama b4 de ded line arive

  9. trevor from northwich says:

    Evra 6 left the winger to much room. Carrick 6 and Rooney 6 as he was lazy second half and lost to many 50. 50 balls.