Date: 13th March 2013 at 1:16pm
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A scene we've all missed of late.

Is anyone betting against these scenes in May?

At this point of time it is almost certainly safe to say that the 2012 – 2013 Premier League champions are going to be  United. Sitting on a twelve point lead over second place Manchester City with 28 games already played couldn’t be much better if you are a United fan. Hopefully if you are then you will have put some big money on the Reds before the odds shortened as much as they have.

The odds for on long shot Premier League champions are almost laughable, as you can still find bookmakers who are willing to take your money on Arsenal with odds of 1000/1. Chelsea is priced at around 300/1, so is Tottenham and even City is priced at around 20/1. Only die-hard optimistic fans, or some of the more deluded ones,  would bet at those odds. Really betting on the Premier League champions is just not worth the money, but there are still plenty of special bets, for instance on which club will come third. And of course there is still the FA Cup to look forward to, where currently City is the favourite and Man United second according to bookmakers.

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2 responses to “Betting On The Title Race: Is Anyone Still Bothering?”

  1. AlanB. says:

    Short memory no? Bit soon to be counting the chickens isn’t it? I thought Man City were 18/1. 18’s or 20’s I’ll be throwing a couple of Euro on them just to cover myself in case the unthinkable happens.

  2. Can’t be having this at all. Not at all.

    “At this point of time it is almost certainly safe to say that the 2012 – 2013 Premier League champions are going to be United.”

    City turned around 8 points with 5 games to go last year so 12 points in 10 games can happen – very easily.

    Still have to go to Arsenal and Stoke, as well as welcome City and Chelsea.

    Do not want to be pessimistic, but just can’t see it as a foregone conclusion.

    Let’s talk with three games to go 🙂