Date: 18th May 2013 at 3:22am
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"You should've...."

“You should’ve….”

A car lies in a tunnel it’s front end all smashed in as the police investigate, surely the driver has suffered some form of serious injury or perhaps not even lived to tell the tale?

The driver is none other than soon to be crowned world footballer of the year, Manchester United’s very own Cristiano Ronaldo and thankfully for Reds everywhere, not to mention the world of football, the Portuguese star is unharmed. Fast forward a week and Chelsea visit Old Trafford in an early title deciding game. In between the chants of “Viva John Terry” from United fans, the opposition can be heard singing something far more sinister. “You should’ve died in the tunnel” was the sick chant heard from the Chelsea visitors.

Even the normally Chelsea-loving Sun newspaper picked up on the disgusting song and mentioned it in the match report. Chelsea fans had no love for Ronaldo and made it clear during their 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford that day. It wasn’t the first time CR7 as he was becoming known, had felt the wrath of the Pensioners, the video below is another example of the warmth they’ve shown him.

The latest rumour to hit the inter web is that Ronaldo is set to follow Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge in the Summer. No one knows how likely this is – other than perhaps ‘God’ as Ronnie used to like reminding us. Should the second best player in World football decide to cast his mind back to how the Chelsea fans treated him- compared to how loved he is at Old Trafford then, surely it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Do you think Ronaldo would join Chelsea? Should United break the bank to bring him back? Answers below in a semi-orderly fashion please:


21 responses to “[Picture] Could This Stop Ronaldo Joining Chelsea?”

  1. Bills says:

    Keep dreaming london boys he dnt like Jose that’s a fact he won’t come Chelsea cause well it’s Chelsea u dnt knw who u will playing under and even the special 1 got sacked at 1 point wats gonna change. Alot changed since his days And to think Chelsea will ever win more totle that utd lol yeah rite try beating fergie trophy cabinet first then start on the rest of them. He a red end off. U got more chance getting Rooney lol

  2. Ameen says:

    Man u pple dn’t knw anything,fergie is not best coach.He started coaching man u when I was 2.He won 38 trophies,talk abt guadiola 4yrs 14 trophies.If he continue coaching,hw many trophies will he win in 26yrs?

    • Bo says:

      Pep walked in on a Barca team with proven talent. Simply put, the Spanish national team (with Messi). He’s also gonna be walking in on a Bayern team who is set to win the CL. Sir Alex built his teams from the inside. From academy players. Throw in a couple signings here and there (no bank busters btw) and you have the well tuned machine that is Manchester United. He built the biggest club in the world, from basically the bottom up, with scraps. Pep is a great coach, not taking it away from him. But a COMPLETE coach? No. Sir Alex is the greatest ever.

  3. yun mulla says:

    I L♥♈Σ your comment@ameen, U̶̲̥̅̊ right.

  4. Michael says:

    Talk is cheap. I bet not one of the commentors have any qualification or experience to be saying something. I’m a Chelsea fan (I admit to not being a pro myself) but let me tell you boys something: those were stupid and barbaric chants towards Ronaldo by CFC fans, plain and simple. Oh and one more thing, manchester united has been the anti-christ devil worshiper’s choice. Now that’s expensive talk ka-ching!

  5. Haazard says:

    Eden hazard is far beta than ronaldo n bale, dat guy is good!

  6. fez says:

    chelsea aren’t one of the great clubs of world football