Date: 27th May 2013 at 3:02am
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Glad to see the back of you lad...

Glad to see the back of you lad…

United claim their 20th title, the 13th of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Old Trafford reign and the players collect their medals one by one embracing the manager in front of the crowds in his final ever home game. One player who doesn’t receive a warm embrace is a certain Scouse striker who has to settle for a handshake and pat on the shoulder rather than the embrace nine years of service to the manager should merit.

It’s not long before the manager then confirms to the world’s media that the striker – a Mr Wayne Rooney – has put in his second transfer request in a mere three years.

Cue even more outrage from Reds already disillusioned with Rooney as the striker’s departure suddenly looks far less troubling than it did two years earlier.

It’s interesting to note that Rooney has denied Sir Alex’s claims, insisting he didn’t ask for a transfer request at all, which if indeed true makes you wonder why Ferguson decided to “go public.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has handed Moyes something of gift with Rooney as the new boss is in a win-win situation thanks to his predecessor. Should Moyes decide to sell Rooney, not many United fans will blame him, after all he’s let us down twice it would seem, once is forgivable, a second time is stretching it a bit too far.

If as is being reported ¬†Moyes keeps hold of Rooney then in the eyes of many he’ll have pulled off a coup in getting an unhappy player, who’s been an asset to the club, back onside. Ferguson’s public condemnation of Rooney and his “it’s now up to David to sort out” mantra, may just be the final masterstroke in a catalogue of many from the great man.


11 responses to “[Picture] Did Sir Alex Pull Off One Final Masterstroke With Rooney?”

  1. Trevor says:

    I believe Fergie was telling a lie because Rooney got one over on him before.
    Even Gill said he does not believe Rooney asked for a transfer.
    So now Fergies blue eyed boy Giggs looks to be heading for the old footballers knackers yard. To play Giggs in main matches before Rooney shows that it was personal feelings and not ability that Fergie was picking Giggsfor important matches before Rooney, and that’s why United lost those matches

    • asc says:

      you must be drunk or something, or you probably never watch a man utd match

    • Ian says:

      Giggs wass played ahead of Rooney because Rooneys form this season has been poor.

      Giggs was outstanding against Real Madrid and had Ronaldo covered for a large majority of the game. It was only after going down to 10 men did this become ineffective.

      Rooney would not have been as effective against Ronaldo man v man and didn’t offer as much up front as RVP this season.

      The simple fact is that his poor form cost him his place, if has shown more effort this season i’m sure there would have been no issues but for me he has not been up to the standards you expect from Rooney.

  2. usa rooney fan says:

    If I’m Rooney I let the time drag, collect my pay, and let the transfer value accrue to my benefit.

    No one will pay for a short timer.
    Man U gets nothing.
    Rooney wins.
    He calls the shots.
    In six months time, he’s laughing.

    • Billz says:

      Oh shut up mate…….. He can sit and collect his pay n watch on the sidelines run his 2 year contract go then he will known as a mug and money grabber and not the best player England has got. He stays plays his part and stop tryna hold the beggiest club in England and Europe to random he might av a chance……… But mate this is Manchester the red side the only side…… So pls stay the F off utd chat rooms if ur nt a true Manc. Mug!!!!

  3. Chrisw says:

    Not more nonsense about Fergie’s mind games.

    It’s clear the relationship between him and Rooney was not good and Ferguson didn’t have to hide that anymore as he was retiring.

    A new manager gives Rooney a chance for a fresh start.

  4. gB says:

    I cant remember who it was, but the player just before Rooney only got a pat on the shoulder too. I noticed because the media jumped on the Rooney part.

  5. Gwenhure a says:

    Roy keane, tho unpopular said Wayne Rooney’s days at ot were numbered. After the rm game, remember? we labelled him a bitter man. It turns out now that he was right, saf is unforgiving. There4 could not just go without creating some fire under the youngman’s feet. Poor fergie looks to me like u will kick a corpse to settle an old grudge. U can’t just let go. Eish!!!!!!

  6. Zubair says:

    SAF is great , but a ruthless dog in the manner he treated some of his best players . Yes I get it , you’re the boss SAF , and his tactics and managerial skill are second to none , before age had caught up with him ofcourse , resulting in him making some of the most ridiculous selections I’ve ever seen . Think united city 2012 , my god , what were u thinking old man . Then Rooney benched against Madrid to prove a point ? Yes yes , u are the best , well , were , outdated tactics in Europe proved ur best days were behind u. But begins the man , the glitz , the glamour and the immense success , lies a man who cares on for players who never EVER question him . Ruthless yet effective ? Well the stats speak for themselves . Completely unethical , no question. Every great man has dark secrets , SAF is no exception .

    • Stebin says:

      Outdated tactics? 2008 wasn’t that far away. We’ve won the league multiple times and you still have the audacity to question his tactics. We lost to Madrid on a bs call, no one would have thought of putting Welbeck in the middle of the pitch but it neutralized the opposition. You’re a twit whose loyalty is to a player rather then a team. Take your football manager cd and follow Rooney out the door.

  7. John Tring says:

    Bravo, Trevor. At least you have the guts to tell the truth. SAF made a lot of erratic decisions over the last season or so ( age?? ) and dropping Rooney for Welbeck/Cleverley for Madrid game was the last catastrophic straw. Utd lost the match, SAF lost his credibility and I suspect SAF knew, belatedly, his own time was up. Moyes is not a top manager, average man for an average team. SAF got him to control him. New coaching team headed by Phil Neville? God help Utd. And yet again, proof that absolute power corrupts.