Date: 31st May 2013 at 3:35am
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Footballers and twitter -quite often a match made in hell, about as suited as Mark Hughes and large transfer budgets or Brian Clough and Leeds United but for some players the art of tweeting is a lot more difficult than for others.

New United fansite Pride Of All Europe takes a look at Wilfried Zaha and how he’s measuring up to other famous Red tweeters- he may just have got off on the right foot…..

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He may not have kicked a ball for Manchester United yet but it’s difficult not to be getting excited about the prospect of Wilfried Zaha joining the Reds.

The right wing press – pardon the pun- may have tried to demonise the young….right winger-sorry- but the truth is the lad is doing everything right in his actions before he joins the world’s biggest football club. We saw on Monday how Zaha was far and away the best player on the pitch in the Championship play-off final helping Crystal Palace earn £347 billion by almost single-handedly picking Watford apart. Following the game Zaha gave an interview where he came across as a grateful,humble young man, pleased he’d left the club in the best position possible- hardly the gang bangers sibling he’d been accused of in certain sections of the press.

Recently at United we’ve had to question the actions of one of our biggest names in Wayne Rooney who’s been accused of not only putting in a transfer request but -somewhat erroneously- changing his twitter bio to no longer mention United. The accusation stemmed from Rooney having @NikeUk Athlete on there but not Manchester United player- a charge the striker was quick to point out was false as he’d never had anything about the Reds on his bio- other than his pic.

Tom Cleverley’s name was also brought up as like Rooney he too has the good old @NikeUk Athlete on his bio but no mention of the Reds, not even on his picture. This isn’t a criticism of either Rooney or Cleverley as to be frank, what they put on twitter makes zero difference in my life as I don’t follow either of them. The only point I would make is that for many United fans it would be great to see some of our heroes shouting a bit louder about the club they represent rather than using their twitter to help flog Nike trainers.

Who'd you play for again?

Who’d you play for again?

I know it may sound petty but Cleverley has been accused in the past of being more concerned with his @tomclevz23 brand nonsense than he should be, especially for someone who’s yet to prove he’s even United class.

Nike Uk - they're the ones that matter....

Nike Uk – they’re the ones that matter….

Rooney on the other hand has had questions about his dedication to the United cause ever since he played footsie with rivals City and no amount of tweeting is ever gonna be enough in the eyes of many Reds, especially with Sir Alex’s parting shot regarding a second transfer request. The latest twitter accusation against Rooney may have been wrong, but the fact he denied it but didn’t – at the time- deny his transfer request simply added to many fans’ disillusionment with him.

Zaha on the other hand, seems to have got the twitter art down to a tea, proud to be representing United yet equally as pleased to have played his part in Crystal Palace’s promotion, making sure that’s clear with one final tweet.

In the age where every player’s twitter is scrutinised just as much as their passes or shots, it’s good to see that United’s latest signing seems to have hit the mark just right.

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7 responses to “[Picture] Zaha Shows Rooney & Cleverley How It’s Done”

  1. Victor says:

    I need everything from David Moyes by signing some players for man united that all.

  2. Victor says:

    I need Fabregas, Fellaini or Ozil, Luka Modric in Manchester United that all.

  3. Emeka says:

    Wayne rooney should lieve man united and go to heil

  4. michael says:

    i want evertin g. Moyez by singin more player

  5. Aussihopper says:

    Get your facts correct if you are going to write for the press,
    374 billion? get real.

    • DDT says:

      Aussi- Get your facts right, he wrote 347 billion, not 374. Well unless you made a mistake…as well.
      It shoulda be million, not like most of us don’t know.