Date: 13th May 2013 at 3:25am
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Is Wazza off in the Summer?

Is Wazza off in the Summer?

At two points during today’s game Wayne Rooney’s worth to Manchester United became apparent – at least to me. Firstly Danny Welbeck needed treatment and there was moment where it looked like he may need to go off.

Hardly a catastrophe, especially when Antonio Valencia was on the bench but the realisation hit me that should Welbeck, or perhaps more importantly Van Persie get an injury, then United would be short of strikers. Chicharito may have scored today, as he often does but his all round play often lends to the idea that at least for now he’s better suited as an impact player. Welbeck is used on the wing almost exclusively nowadays and has shown what he can do as a striker when playing for England, but there’s still question marks over his goal scoring ability.

United have been fairly fortunate with our strikers in terms of injuries this season and the next campaign we may not be as lucky. Wayne Rooney may be persona non grata among Reds at the minute- deservedly so after multiple transfer requests for equally childish reasons- but there’s no denying his worth to the side. Yes, another striker may come in and replace him but there’s always the chance that it may take time for them to settle at a club like United. Rooney as a striker is proven, despite his erratic form when playing deeper.

David Moyes will already begin his management of United without one of the best midfielders that’s ever donned a Red shirt, now I’m not saying Rooney’s anywhere on a par with Paul Scholes but he’s always been a vital member of the side. Rooney handed in his request before Moyes had been appointed and despite their previously tumultuous relationship, ten years on things may be different. If the former Everton manager decide he needs Rooney, perhaps the striker will change his mind.

Would the fans accept Rooney ‘back’ yet again, if he did a u-turn over his decision? Maybe not immediately but one or two goals and the support of his manager may go someway to rebuilding the relationship, perhaps even a public statement from Sir Alex defending him, should the great man feel inclined to do so.

Ferguson said of Rooney: “I think he should go away and think it over again.

“He wasn’t happy about being taken off a few times this season but a Wayne Rooney in top form wouldn’t be taken off.”

There’s also the question of who will sign Rooney? Would United sell him to another English club? Maybe, depending on who it was, but with only Chelsea and City likely to be able to afford him, then it may be unlikely. That leaves European sides and just how far is Rooney willing to travel for first team football?

There are gifted strikers out there and no man is bigger than the club but if Moyes tells Rooney he wants him, could United’s number ten decide the grass isn’t greener after all?


2 responses to “Transfer Request May Not Be The End For Rooney At United”

  1. @vinaldo7 says:

    The time is right, trade him in plus 50 million for ronaldo.

    ROONEY gets to see the greeness of the other sides grass.

    REAL get the money they want plus a star they can parade in front of their fans

    UNITED get rid of rooneys wages which will be directly be replaced by ronaldo’s (and lets face it… his performances are more worthy of the 250k/week, plus any other incentives).

    No need to buy a 4th CF as ronaldo could put a shift in if god forbid ORVP, chicha and welbz get injured. NO PROBLEM!

    FANS can remember rooney for the good he did, get the prodigal son back, and see a return to the exciting 4-3-3 formation.

    DDG; Back 4; carrick cleverley ando; TonyV/Nani RVP Ronaldo