Date: 10th May 2013 at 3:23am
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Remember this guy....

Remember this guy….

By the time you read this I may be scraping omelette off my face and deleting all my social media accounts in a bid to distance myself from what I’m about to say, but as Churchill said to Napoleon at the battle of the Somme “sometimes you just have to be honest” so here goes.

Over the past 24 hours Wayne Rooney has gone from being a player many were debating about to public enemy number one in the minds of many Reds, as popular as Luis Suarez at an Evra/Ivanovich barbecue and seemingly about as likely to play for United again as Reginald D Hunter is to receive a booking from the PFA.

The stories of Rooney’s alleged [at the time of writing nothing has been confirmed] second transfer request in two years have sent twitter into a meltdown, no doubt exacerbated by the sense of loss and disbelief at life without Sir Alex at the helm. As if the stories regarding Rooney’s transfer request wasn’t bad enough for the Stretford End faithful, there’s also the issue of a changed twitter bio that now reads Nike athlete rather than United utility player or second fiddle to Danny Welbeck in the big games. First of all let me be brutally honest- see paragraph one- I genuinely couldn’t give a toss what Wayne Rooney’s twitter bio states, I don’t even follow him on there as I’ve little interest in what film he’s watching or how Ashley Cole made him laugh. Secondly looking at his bio due to the five million retweets I’ve seen on my timeline, he’s still wearing a United kit on it so he’s hardly completely denied his employment at the club. Thirdly and forgive me if I’m wrong on this, but according to other tweets I’ve read- admittedly not exactly evidence but from people I respect- he changed his bio weeks ago, along with Tom Cleverley, no doubt in exchange for a pair of free Nike shoelaces or something equally as worth all the hassle.

Then we move on to Colleen Rooney, the heavily pregnant Colleen Rooney who like her husband has been abused on Twitter because Wayne may or may not be leaving United. I’ll state this clearly and without any jest involved, if your reading this and you sent Colleen Rooney abusive tweets you’re a complete and utter cretin who I’d rather supported Leeds United where that sort of behaviour is practically encouraged.

Both Rooney’s have been abused on twitter practically non-stop for a whole day, which while hardly the world’s worst offence does leave a bad taste in the mouth for me – again following my ‘honest’ vow. Rooney is still a United player, he may not want to be but he is and until he leaves I for one will get behind him, or at the very least not abuse him. None of us even know if Rooney and David Moyes have spoken since the Scot took over – again at the time of writing- so they could well decide the striker has a future- after all it’s not Moyes who’s been subbing, dropping and moving around Rooney all over the shop for the past few months. Sir Alex was obviously not too impressed with parts of Rooney’s game, a sentiment I can understand, but Moyes may feel differently.

Rooney has been inconsistent all season, yet he’s still spent weeks out with a horrific gash for charging down a shot no one would criticise him for pulling out of, well actually knowing our track record with him we probably would have. Rooney’s also contributed vital goals when Robin Van Persie suddenly stopped scoring, including winners against Fulham, Reading and Southampton. Let’s not forget that Rooney also bagged a brace at the Etihad in a game that had United lost, the title race may well have had an entirely different complexion.

I understand the frustration with Rooney, as my good friend Chudi from the Busby Way pointed out to me only a few days ago, his ‘bottom level’ is dreadful almost that of a League One player. The thing is Rooney’s ‘top level’ is arguably only one rung below the Ronaldos and Messi’s of this world.

Should United decide to sell Rooney to say PSG for around the same price we bought him, is that even the end of the world? Does that even warrant a torrent of abuse? He’ll have played for us for nearly a decade and won countless trophies becoming one of our all-time top scorers to boot. Should we then despise him if he leaves? Unless it’s for City or perhaps Chelsea then probably not. I understand people’s frustration with Rooney’s inconsistent performances and his lack of fitness at times and if I’m honest- that word again- I don’t even have that much of a problem with him leaving such is his frustrating form, but until he does, I’ll defend him like I would any other United player getting dogs abuse. 12 goals and 10 assists in a title winning season isn’t that bad and there’s always THAT goal to remember….

Am I wrong to defend ‘Wazza’? Feel free to comment suggest and abuse below:

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9 responses to “Wayne Rooney: The Case For The Defence”

  1. Rydo2.0 says:

    Totally agree. Even if he does want to leave. he has served United well. Moyes may wish to change things up and make the team his own, so as long as Rooney doesn’t go to another Prem team, I’m all for it.

  2. aryesen says:

    Spot on. If indeed he requested for a fresh challenge, I’d put it down to insecurity more than anything else. Also consider the fact that he’s been in out of the side with injuries and that hasnt helped. He’s also been made to play different positions, on the right, left, CM and behind RvP. At times he’s settled so well one thought he belonged there however not been consistent at one due to the frequent change. I’d still regard that flexibility he brings to the side. Re the number of goals he’s scored, even whislt RvP was on a non goal scoring run, he started almost every game, so it was inevitable that goals would come, whereas that’s not been the case with Rooney. I’m a huge fan of Rooney and I still feel he’s an integral part of this United side and I hope he’ll remain one.

  3. Katazahansi says:

    Hi Jay,
    Am in complete agreement with you on this, Ronaldo left for Madrid because he had nothing to inspire him anymore, and so is Rooney now,let him chase his aspirations if decided. Thank you for this post

  4. max199 says:

    he is being linked with chelsea… what bizarre rumours I must say… journalists have a lot of free time

  5. ck says:

    hes not going anywhere. look at our squad! there are so many british players in it. Do ppl really think weel let rooney (the british boy wonder) just walk out of united?. its not gonna happen.

  6. j lo says:

    1 season of indifferent performances and suddenly kagawa’s better than him. now kagawa is good, but can he give us 20 goals a season or finish second top scorer like rooney has, twice? he gets subbed all the time, played like 5 different positions through the season, only 2 assists behind mata who has started 11 more games. mark my words, you never know what you had till it’s gone!

  7. MJ says:

    16 goals 15 assists in 37 games this season, playing probably 5 of which as the main striker, even having games in midfield and being regularly subbed on/off. or, in other words, he contributes to a goal every 91 minutes. for a number 10, this makes quite pretty reading in my eyes. i’d be glad to keep a player who contributes like this when admittedly playing below-par regularly. apart from that, only time will tell what happens next for him. but the one thing i don’t understand is why people expect players to leave the country in order to keep their legacy intact. paris isn’t particularly manchester and french isn’t particularly english; also they are imminently expecting their second child. i’d probably also get on his back if he joined city, but rooney is a classy and competitive player, so if he wishes to stay such and also stay in england, it could only really be chelsea; london neither is particularly manchester. we shouldn’t forget his great contribution, over 9 seasons so far, which makes me find it pretty harsh on him to expect him to leave the country.

    • bob says:

      spot on mate.only black dot is he tried to hold the club to ransom.moyes should lead the guys with iron fist and if roo does not agree, the door is open my dear…

  8. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Never forgave the guy for screwing the club out of money the first time round and wont forgive him this time if the rumours do turn out to be true.

    The club is far bigger than him, ultimately if he wants out i personally think he should be shoved out. All the way to France, Spain or Germany tho there’s no way we can have him playing for our title rivals……