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The youngsters lack of goals was not an issue for Sir Alex

The youngsters lack of goals was not an issue for Sir Alex

Anyone that’s ever read anything I’ve written will probably know I’m just a bit fond of a certain Longsight-born striker who’s performances have been one of the reasons United finished the season as Champions.

Danny Welbeck is something of a divisive figure among many Reds as there are those like myself who appreciate the job he does for the side, often played out of position, while others point to his lacklustre goal scoring record and awkward style.

It’s gotten to the point that even something as positive as a Young PFA player of the season nomination for Welbeck can be met with criticism by some United fans, such is the feeling of negativity from some towards him. The main point of contention Reds have with Welbeck’s inclusion in the side is his lack of goals, two in all competitions in the last campaign was scant return for a player of his talents. ¬†Welbeck is a striker and has never been suited to the left wing, yet has been forced to play there for several reasons, a lack of consistent options, his energy and skill which bring something valuable to the side and also an ability to defend from the front when the Reds face a strong right flank.

Sir Alex Ferguson has known Welbeck since he was nine years old, has seen him overcome his injury problems as a growing teenager- Osgood-Slatters disease has scuppered many a budding career- and always valued his contribution regardless of goals. It wasn’t that long ago that the former United boss- I’ll never get used to that- lost patience somewhat with a journalist who asked if Welbeck’s lack of goals was a cause for concern. “He’s contributing to the team, I don’t see your point,” was Ferguson’s curt reply.

The worrying factor for Welbeck is that David Moyes may not have similar views to Sir Alex, he could easily be less than willing – just as many fans are- to persevere with a player on the wing who’s obviously not a natural there. Should Moyes decide – quite rightly- that Welbeck ¬†is a striker and not suited out wide, then the England hit man may find his chances limited. If Welbeck finds himself used sparingly its vital he takes the chances he’s given, other wise he may find the new manager isn’t as fond of him as the old one.

I’d hate to see Welbeck leave but next season could be a pivotal one for him and should he struggle to silence the critics and fail to impress his new boss than a player that could become a United legend, may just find himself surplus to requirements.

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14 responses to “No Excuses For Danny Welbeck Next Season”

  1. AJ says:

    I find your article pure BS!
    Not getting the opportunity to play in the right position is one thing, but not be able to use more than half of the chances you get is another matter.
    He simply sux! look at his stats before you open your mind to everybody else.