Date: 10th June 2013 at 3:07am
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"Have a bit of that you Scouse tw....."

“Have a bit of that you Scouse tw…..”

The Cristiano Ronaldo to United rumours just won’t go away and no matter how much we tell ourselves it won’t happen there’s that “little boy inside” that hopes against hope that it will. Despite the protestations of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that Ronaldo wants to sign a new deal there’s nothing definitive coming from the winger’s camp so millions – although probably not as many as a certain website claims- of Reds around the world wait with baited breath to see if one day the dream could actually become a reality.

Ronaldo has two years left on his contract the big question is “does he want to come back to United?” If Ronaldo could be possible but a lot depends on how strong the Madrid squad is which makes the latest reports very interesting.

The Telegraph notes:

José Mourinho is planning a move for Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso as he begins his overhaul of the Chelsea squad. 

The former Liverpool midfielder was highly rated by Mourinho at Real and has just one year left on his contract, having not responded to Real’s offer of a two-year extension.

Alonso is a player that can make any side tick and the chances of Madrid letting both him and Ronaldo leave the Bernabeu are practically non-existent. The former Madrid boss had a tempestuous relationship with many of his players but it appears Alonso wasn’t one of them and could relish a move back to the Premier League. Should Mourinho get his man, then Madrid may decide to keep Ronaldo regardless of the fact his contract runs out in two years- such is the financial muscle of the club they can afford to do so if they really need to. Letting Alonso go may be an option, but Ronaldo as well is a whole different matter.


4 responses to “Has Mourinho Scuppered United’s Chances Of Ronaldo?”

  1. I call him C boy….. Ronaldo pls united is ur home plssss com back we really need u plssss

  2. abdu says:

    Tired of Ronaldo speculation, if he is ready to come home well and good and if he doesn’t, United have already won two EPLs minus him and more are yet to come. why deluge our ears with Ron, ron, ron, ron? remember we are always united and will remain united forever. after all we already have upcoming Ronaldo in Zaha shut up press.

  3. Roland says:

    if ronaldo wants to come back home lets all welcom him because once a red devil always a red devil wish moyes all the best

  4. sandile says:

    Ther is no way real madrid cn let Ronaldo this are just romours