Date: 9th July 2013 at 5:16am
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More twists in the Thiago saga.

Another day another twist in the Thiago Alcantara to Manchester United story, this time involving the Spanish national team manager Vncente Del Bosque. The national manager has weighed into the Thiago situation with his own advice for the young playmaker advising him to stay with the Catalan giants. 

Del Bosque noted:

“The most important thing for Thiago is that he keeps on getting games.”

“I think he would get them at Barcelona, he is held in a very high regard at the club.”

It’a not entirely surprising that a national manager who relies so heavily on Barcelona players to make up much of his squad, is keen to placate the club and favours Thiago to stay with them, but it is a little odd that he’s being so vocal. Del Bosque must surely see that the reason Thiago isn’t in the Spanish first team yet is the same reason he isn’t in the Barcelona one either, the likes of Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas are in his way.

Ultimately it may not matter what Del Bosque thinks, but most Reds will be a little disturbed that the national boss who Thiago  is naturally keen to impress has weighed in on the side of Barcelona. Let’s just hope Thiago realises it’s a lot easier to oust Anderson and Tom Cleverley from a side than it is Xavi and Iniesta. The saga continues…..


29 responses to “Thiago Alcantara Urged To Stay At Barcelona By Spain Manager”

  1. GVMUFC says:

    @Sunrise: poor boy? He plays football for one of the best teams in the world and another of the best teams in the world is looking to sign him. I wish I had those problems.

  2. Rocky says:

    The spanish are very stupid espically barce’s Rosell they want to chop from someone’s bowl but does not want anyone to chop from their’s.let thiago go to united , y is he the best upcoming miodfield in e world.

  3. sunny madu says:

    pls spain nd barca should try and let go of thiago,united needs him plz.

  4. Max says:

    Both Real & Barca are pigs when it comes to selling their talent to a rival club. These two “CUNTS” think they own the whole football world and can walk into any club and openly unsettle a progessing player before demanding a transfer deal. For example: Ronaldo Snr, Figo and most recently Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric, Henry, Song, Neymar, Isco and Cesc Fabregas. But, when the boots on the other foot and a rival appears to sign one of their unsettled stars these two arrogant “wankers” show their dirty colours!

    • wayne says:

      well said max.. thiago would be a fool to stay at barca.. barca is blocking thiago talent

  5. Rory says:

    United also sold back a very talented Gerrad Pique to the “cuntlonia” giants, Bastardlona. Also, Man Utd should never include Rooney in any deal for Thiago, because their is a buy out clause to be met in the players contract, which makes the player free to leave!

  6. Mark Wyke says:

    I think honestly we should leave this one now, united are fuckin absolutely useless in the transfer market i really dont understand them at times, maybe just stick with the absolute dog shit players that we have got alla Anderson ( Shit ), Nani ( Fuckin Useless ) Young ( LOL ) maybe we dont need any midfielders and if this lad is doing all this so he gets better pay at Barcelona then well hes been very very clever and good luck to him, we want players to actually want to come to play for us not some fuckin mercenaries what just turn out for the pay packet so fuck this one off now united and if he dont want to come fuck it but stop fuckin around either way i think the best united can hope for is falllaini and Baines for the life of me i cant understand how MANCHESTER FUCKIN CITY can attract the likes of david silva and Aguero and we cant attract a rat with a stick playing with its own arse.