Date: 25th July 2013 at 3:16am
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It could've all been so different.

It could’ve all been so different.

One of the worst kept secrets in football was United’s pursuit of Barcelona’s Thiago Alcantara this Summer, a move which at one point seemed destined to happen. 

In case you’ve been comatose for the past two weeks, then you’ll know that Thiago opted to link up with his old boss Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich. The mentalist, who the hell joins the treble winners now managed by his old boss with one of the best midfields in Europe when he can play alongside Anderson and Ashley Young? Ah well, onwards and upwards, didn’t want Thiago anyway he’s rubbish, not even the best player named Thiago.

There was a growing rumour that United hadn’t even been in for the Spanish youngster, a rumour that only seemed to come to light once he’d signed for Bayern Munich.

Thiago’s dad has confessed that the youngster did indeed come close to signing for the English champions. Mazinho noted:

‘Thiago was very close to signing with Manchester United,’ 

‘They watched him at the Under-21 European Champions, and after it was finished, they had talks. But they couldn’t find an agreement.

‘Thiago knew it would be very hard to play matches at Barcelona, and his goal is to play with Spain at the 2014 World Cup.”

Ah well, Fabregas is better anyway……


7 responses to “Thiago’s Dad: “United Had Talks But Couldn’t Find An Agreement””

  1. Mark says:

    This transfer was off the second Pep picked up the phone. This was no fault of United. Pep timed his run and got his man. We could have thrown the kitchen sink at him and e would still have gone to Bayern. There is more chance of United getting Bale than there ever was of getting Thiago. They are out there saying that Levy will never sell to United but the reality is that every player / club has their price. United just have to be willing to meet that price. If it is 100 million then so be it. If United want Bale it is an easy equation. Stump up the cash and get on with it. If he turned into a United “lifer” then 100 million would end up being a cheap investment. Levy would be happy, he’s got the money he wanted and United have got what they want. This is the essence of business.

    • Dave Manc says:

      Ever heard the saying ‘you can’t get blood out of a stone”? Can you honestly see the Glazers stumping up £100,000,000!? Going on your theory we could’ve done more to get thiago and the need for a central midfield playmaker is far greater than another winger. I am looking forward to Zaha and a return to form of Valencia. The blatant fact to almost every United fan is that we desperately need at least one cm and to me it is a complete joke it still hasn’t been addressed.

  2. isah says:

    i disapoint thiago’s issue so far hmmm

  3. albert otega quagraine says:

    thiago’s fada cld’ve ve a say in dat deal buh dey rubbished us, no lie still united…

  4. Dave Manc says:

    “Couldn’t come to an agreement” – this suggests we could have had him. How fu**ing typical of our club is that!!!? We are constantly being told there’s a big war chest etc and we proudly believe we are the biggest club in the world but my God do we fu**ing pussyfoot around in the transfer market. I’m surprised Alex hasn’t pulled Moyes to one side and said, “here David, use this one, it worked for me for years…’there’s no value in the market, we’re only going to buy a player who will improve the team'”… Fu**ing genius Alex, why do all these other clubs buy players exactly? This whole situation with our midfield is not only a disgrace, it is a complete farce. I am actually beginning to feel embarrassed about it. We are Manchester United for fu**s sake, how can any one of us believe for one second we’ll have a cat in hell’s chance of winning the CL without some real quality in the engine room??

  5. Andy says:

    Shearer, Batistuta, Ronaldinho, Essien, Sneijder, Hazard, Lucas Moura and Thiago to mention a few of many. Why don’t the club just get the bloody deals done? Whether it’s Kenyon, Gill or Woodword, it happens far too often.