Date: 14th July 2013 at 9:28am
Written by:
Didn’t want him to stay anyway….

It’s not been the best of weeks for as the news a certain Spanish midfielder who many had pins their hopes on delivering title number 21 has decided to play for the League winners – reminds me of a certain Belgian last season.

Although it has yet to be confirmed Alcantara signing for Bayern Munich seems about as certain as not signing for them. Us are made of too sterner stuff to start weeping over a player many of us knew nothing of a few months ago- we prefer anger and pretending we didn’t want them anyway as we did with Jose Mourinho.

The gaping hole that needs filling in the middle of United’s side cannot be ignored and it was only this time last season many of us were hoping a young Frenchman would be just the lad to do it.

Paul Pogba’s decision to leave United for Juventus angered almost everyone associated with United, none more so than Ferguson who accused the youngster of lacking respect. All this would be completely irrelevant if Pogba had failed in Italy, but the little rascal’s only gone and had an impressive season and now in the Summer has helped win the Under 20’s World Cup. To add insult to Pogba’s also picked up the Golden Ball player of the tournament award. At a time when United fans are trying to act unmoved by missing out on Thiago, Pogba going from strength to strength isn’t what we need.

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