Date: 25th July 2013 at 12:23am
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I wonder when Rooney’s coming back….Jose Mourinho may be trotting out as many players as humanly possible, getting them all to say nice things and Wayne Rooney while insinuating how important it is for the England striker to join him, but he’s forgetting one big factor: Rooney plays for Manchester United! 

So while the self-titled “Special Godfather of football mind games” bangs on via the press about how great Rooney is, United have decided to take it a step further by letting the world know that the striker, paid around a quarter of a million pounds a week will indeed by plying his trade back in a red shirt very soon, in fact the club have even named the date. The official United twitter account, tweeted the above pic earlier to let us all know when Rooney will be back. Carry on as you were Mr Mourinho..


2 responses to “[Picture] United Up The Ante With Rooney On Twitter”

  1. Valentine says:

    Rooney is a very best player which man united need mostly now so moye dnt let him go p/s tried hard to sign player 4 him expcaly midfilder

  2. yahya says:

    Rooney deservs mre …united hav yet again failed to respect and remain loyal to one of dr main reasons on reachn cup sucess ovr d years …once van pursetrings has entrd ,rooney has bcum a forgoten man…sounds like a love mariage betwn rooney and united only to b intrferd by the mistress called RVP`…big thumbs dwn to hw his situation is bein handLd at old traford!!!!