Date: 27th July 2013 at 3:31am
Written by:
I wonder which Rooney’s coming back….

United’s pre-season tour has been a fairly average affair as pre-season tours go, despite the exciting youngsters we’ve all got carried away watching. There’s been some decent goals, some impressive displays, some mediocre ones and some dire defending from men who should know better but on the whole it’s probably been a bit of a C plus so far, not great but hardly disastrous and arguably doing what its meant to, getting some younger lads used to playing for Football Club. 

Unfortunately rather than focus on the actually wearing the lovely new kit at the minute, we’ve been forced , or rather has been forced to address the ongoing problem of a less than enthusiastic striker and his ego. has made at least part of the pre- Thiago and Cesc Summer all about him and now and given Jose Mourinho another chance to show all the what a prat he can be after the sickening love-in of the past few years.

Will Rooney go to Chelsea, after Mourinho, Petr Cech, Romelu Lukaku and Sam Bethell have all proclaimed how much they want him there? No. I don’t think he will because simply cannot be that stupid or he wouldn’t have got the job Jose wishes he has. So if Rooney does stay what next?

That’s the problem which worries me, a fit is an asset, an unhappy Wayne Rooney with the attitude of a recently incarcerated innocent man, is about as likely to start the fully fit as Anderson and Ashley are to end it injury free. Last season Rooney began the season looking like pub team player and that was when he was supposedly happy and dedicated, not upset and angry.

Should Rooney spit his dummy out and replace it with fags and beer, no matter how much United dig their heels in over his transfer, there’s not a hell of a lot they can do about what he gets up to out of hours. I’m not saying Rooney will deliberately make himself unfit, I just wonder whether he’ll take his foot off the treadmill just enough to mean we’re waiting into October for him to finally turn up.

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