Date: 7th August 2013 at 3:28am
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Are they paying him enough for this nonsense?

We can accuse Antonio Valencia of a lot of things, a loss of confidence, looking a bit moody, preferring Dax over Brylcreem, but one thing we could never accuse him of is being cheesy….until now.

As if United fans didn’t have it hard enough with the “they say he is a legend” dross that’s regurgitated on MUTV every seven minutes, now “Mr Cool” himself has gone and done it in a soft drink ad. Okay his acting isn’t quite on the same level as the Wayne Rooney Hollyoaks reject standard, but he’s not far off.

Valencia’s every right to earn a few quid peddling products he probably never touches, after all, he certainly isn’t the first Red to do it, for some reason though it just doesn’t seem right seeing him playing the fool. Ah well, it could be worse, just ask Rooney, Giggs and Pat….


2 responses to “[Video] Antonio Valencia Really Should Know Better”

  1. Uche chukwuma says:

    Valencia is d worse idiot i’ve seen at utd wt d no7 jersey.valencia out,nani inn.let d future begin now oh moyessss>>>>>>

  2. Da Tank says:

    Uche you’re a hater