Date:4th August 2013 at 3:30am
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"Yes! I can team up with my mate Ash!"

“Yes! I can team up with my mate Ash!”

Jose Mourinho is determined to take Wayne Rooney to Stamford Bridge and won’t be put off by United’s reluctance if the latest reports are to be believed. The problem for the Special Godfather is that regardless of how much money he offers, it may not be enough as David Moyes knows handing just the type of player Chelsea need, over to them could spell disaster. 

The Mail notes: Chelsea are preparing an ‘imminent’ second bid of around £40 million for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney — and the England striker will leap at the chance to become Jose Mourinho’s No 1 striker at Stamford Bridge.

Rooney may well want out and Mourinho may well want him in, but what would selling our 4th all time top scorer to Chelsea do to our title ambitions? The chances are it would seriously harm our prospects of retaining the Premier League, while greatly enhancing Chelsea’s despite the financial boost it would hand us. £40 million could come in very useful to Moyes but when you look at the players available it may not be able to bring in a replacement quite at Rooney’s level, something the United boss must surely be aware of.

If United were to invest the £40 million into a Cristiano Ronaldo then everybody would be happy- well at least all Reds would- but let’s face facts, that romantic notion, is just that – a romantic notion, hardly likely to happen.

Mourinho can bid £40 million but if Moyes has any sense, he’d rather let Rooney rot on the bench than hand the key to the title to Chelsea.

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