Date:29th October 2013 at 3:36am
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Shawcross grows a set once Crouch grabs RVP.

Shawcross grows a set once Crouch grabs RVP.

The latest Robin Van Persie, Ryan Shawcross story, claims that the United striker didn’t have a row with the Stoke City defender over the latter breaking the leg of former team mate Aaron Ramsey. Of course by denying that was the reason they kicked off with one another, the media are surreptitiously insinuating that it may have been some form of fall out from the Ramsey incident after all.

"You're a top, top, top, knob head"

“You’re a top, top, top, knob head”

The fact is Van Persie is always targeted by opponents- the amount of times he gets kicked is something of a joke- and due to the Dutchman’s fiery temper and refusal to back down, this can often lead to a bit of ‘handbags’ usually with someone not in the same class as the United striker.

Earlier this season at Anfield, we saw Steven Gerrard go at it with Van Persie- even acting like a child, with an unnecessary shoulder barge once the incident had “calmed down.”

The United striker is used to the attention and although he does seem a tad angrier than normal this campaign, the fact he stands up for himself is probably far more beneficial to the Red cause than if he rolled around on the floor crying to the ref every time he got a kick.