Date:8th December 2013 at 3:38am
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From bad to worse- unless you're a reporter...

From bad to worse- unless you’re a reporter…

We all knew there would be a merry dance throughout Fleet Street once Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United. It wasn’t just the fact many of their number would have media bans at United press conferences lifted, that made the collective English football media rejoice, it was also the fact it more than likely heralded an end to the dominance of a club many of them despise.¬†

Not many national football journalists are ¬†United fans, in fact its safe to say many of them can’t stand the Reds and have to often report our success through somewhat gritted teeth. While Arsenal’s, Liverpool’s or even Chelsea’s successes are lauded over like a mesmerising gift from the gods, United’s triumphs are more often than not attributed to everyone else being poor, or the help of referees or other such drivel.

Now that the Red sun may be setting- hopefully only briefly- the Gooners in Fleet Street are revelling in United’s failure and yesterday’s second home defeat in four days signalled the start of more anti-Moyes/United sentiment.

It was to be expected, the question is, will it affect the manager or the players?