Date: 3rd January 2014 at 3:35am
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Could the defender find himself lining up against Swansea in midfield?

FullTimeDevils asked RFFH editor Jay, along with the far more coherent Gaz to give a match preview for the upcoming FA Cup game against Swansea. Gaz came up with a novel idea regarding United’s midfield problem that may not be that crazy.


4 responses to “[Video] Evans In Midfield For The Swansea Game”

  1. akash says:

    For swansea match start with:

    if zaha available bring him on.

    Now see isn’t it a bit fresh line-up with experiences player mixed with young player.
    The important position with experiences: rio and vidic (the defence secure)
    carrick,fletcher(two long term experience partner to controlled midfielder)

    then ando bring so speed and freshness in 2 half.

  2. Samson Omachonu Adejoh says:

    Man united should sign midfielders dat is our problem 4 now, forget all dis stories.

  3. Wakheel says:

    They can try him,at least we could see him in last match,how he took ball in attack them,wereas non of our midfielder is doing that,but,if that will be done,JONE should play from middle too i.e 4.just to see evans for some minutes.

  4. jose McG says:

    Sorry Guys, but from what i’ve seen Kagawa is unable to effect a game enough at 10, possibly if we got 2 new world class center midfielders, that can dominate he may be more effective. the game changed against Norwich when we played with the second striker, so I’d play Welbeck behind Hernandez. The 2 combined for the goal, and while welbeck took all the praise. it was the space created by hernandez that welbeck flourished in. playing Kagawa in 10 is a defensive formation, and united need to return to attacking football, also taking every player back into the 18 yard box for defensive corners must stop, it permits the opposition to focus completely on attack, without needing to protect their goal, FFS