Date: 17th October 2014 at 3:45am
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The biggest loss for United this Summer wasn’t the departure of three defenders, the retirement of a midfielder or even the sale of ‘the new Thierry Henry.’

What hurt the Reds the most was the fact that the players that truly ‘got’ what United were about, that cared past their pay check and really did suffer and celebrate like fans do, all left the side at pretty much the same time. All of a sudden we were without the core group of players that could always be relied upon to rally round the flag- none more so than our usual skipper Patrice Evra who was almost mascot-like in his passion for the club.

One player who’s stepped up to the mark since the heart was supposedly removed from United’s post-Moyes corpse is Rafael Da Silva, who’s added insight to his already awe-inspiring passion for the Red cause.

Rafael hasn’t just been on fire for the past two games -and reminded everyone why the notion of letting him go this Summer was as ludicrous as keeping Anderson- he’s also been doing his bit for the PR department, saying exactly what the fans love to hear. In a recent interview the right back noted:

“Everything takes time,” 

“It’s a different philosophy.

“But if we understand the way we’re playing like we’re doing, the results come and everything starts to run smoothly, we certainly have a chance of winning the title.

“Louis van Gaal is a strong coach. He admires things that are done right. He asks everybody to be on time for our sessions, we can’t be late. He likes to see us training hard.”

“I love my life here,”

“It is the best place to work.”

“I feel I’ve adapted to [life] here. The first time I came here I was 15. I came here to train three or four times a year for 15 days.

“I was just 15 and now I’m almost coming up to 10 years here next July. It’s a long time. I’m almost a Mancunian. Almost.

“As long as Manchester United want me here, I want to stay, but I have to prove this out on the pitch.

“I need to put in good performances – I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Few Reds would want to see a player who loves playing for the club, still believes we can win the title and is producing wonderful football, leave the club, here’s hoping Rafael stays for many years to come.

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2 responses to “[Picture] The Real Heir To Evra’s Crown”

  1. emmanuelsath says:

    manchester united fans even love the way u play,so u are not going any where

  2. emmanuelsath says:

    manchester united fans love the way u play,so u are not going any where