Date: 23rd July 2015 at 1:06am
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Is it all over for ADM?

It wasn’t that long ago United fans were dancing a merry jig at the prospect of one of the world’s most exciting wingers joining the club. When Angel Di Maria did arrive for the princely sum of £59.7 million many fans felt this was something of a bargain as the Ronaldo comparisons had the Old Trafford faithful salivating at the prospect of success returning to the club after the David Moyes era of errors.

It hasn’t really worked out like this for Di Maria- despite his great start- and the final few months of the season saw the Argentinean look completely bereft of confidence and willingness. It now seems Louis Van Gaal has decided to cut his losses.

The Mirror notes: Angel Di Maria is “not expected” to play for Manchester United again, a source close to negotiations has told MirrorFootball.

The Argentina midfielder signed from Real Madrid for a club-record £60million fee last summer after a move to Paris Saint-Germain had fallen through.

But after a turbulent year in the Premier League, Di Maria is now anticipated to finally make the move to Paris after negotiations re-opened between the clubs.

Whether this really is the end of Di Maria’s United career remains to be seen, but amazingly considering the euphoria that greeted his arrival, not many fans will shed a tear if he does leave.

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5 responses to “United Pull The Plug On Record Signing”

  1. Eric says:

    Hogwash. Di Maria wasn’t the reason United fared poorly last year. It was almost the whole team that didn’t play to the level it should have, including the coach. LVG must realize that one season does not necessarily reflect the capabilities of a person, especially when it’s the first season. If United want to be the greatest club in the world, they have to give talented players like Di Maria time to adjust. The transfer to PSG should be rebuked.

  2. Roland says:

    Tell LVG 2 stop waisting d club’s resources (money) he always buy @ higher cost n sells @ low price. If he can’t make do wit those players,den he is not a good manager. We dnt nid Pedro…

  3. M says:

    You say LVG decided to cut his loses and then you start the next paragraph by saying I don’t know if it’s the end of his manchester united career…so which is it idiot? Do me a favor and try to write something that’s at least worth of a tweet or blog post. This is the type of story I wipe my ass with. Grow up

  4. Jonathan Oladimeji says:

    Let him go,really I dnt see Maria flourishing as a red devils player next season. Because the challenges he faced last season will be small to that of this season on the field of play.

  5. Emeka says:

    To me it will be very stupid n irresponsible on the part of the coach the club n the player if he goes it shows we r very very stupid simply put if we by a player for £100 million pound n he finds it difficult after the first season we should not v patience n give him time to come good so that we can reap our reward instead we should sell him immediately how long did it take Ronaldo to become great what happened with pogba why didn’t we sell felani n young will is Evans still in the team why gas van gaal refused to sell or even send Adnan on loan the list is endless it’s madness