Date: 12th January 2016 at 12:34am
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boredAnother day another reason to fall deeper into the pit of utter despair as Louis Van Gaal sails the good ship Manchester United full speed ahead into the nearest ice berg.

Just once it would be great as United fans to wake up go about our day and go to bed without seeing something that makes our great club a cause for hilarity among our rivals. If it’s not drab football and disappointing results or bizarre loan moves it’s ridiculous transfer stories or more often than usual it’s the manager with water round his knees telling everyone the Titanic is set for the right course.

The latest reason not to be cheerful if you’re a United fan is the manager’s claims that even he’s been bored by the football this season- the difference is he’s the one who’s responsible for it.

In the press conference ahead of the Newcastle game Van Gaal made his shocking comments. The Guardian notes:

“There are matches that I have enjoyed very much. Against Chelsea I enjoyed it but the result was 0-0 and we could have lost. There are also matches where I’m very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponent’s defence but that is football. It’s not every match that every club is playing fantastically, football that attracts the people.”

Reds on Twitter have reacted with incredulity to the managers comments and it’s time he stopped acting like an innocent bystander and started making the fans happy – for once.


9 responses to “[Picture] United Fans Show Their Anger At Van Gaal’s Latest Comments”

  1. rob says:

    End of the day lvg is shit and sooner the board get him gone the better. He Said he’s bored well go home and let pep come in and sort team out simple as that.

  2. orji says:

    No comments until I dee LVG sacked and mourinho takes over

  3. orji says:

    No comments until I see LVG sacked and mourinho takes over

  4. orji says:

    LVG is everything man utd never wanted

  5. kwame says:

    Maybe Lvg has forgotten he is manager.

  6. istin says:

    we dont want lvg he should resign, pls glazers dpo something before he destroy man United

  7. Emeka says:

    A glad with him he says the truth simple to God be all the glory win lose or draw in Jesus name amen you all win soon be put to shame very soon and God will receive all the Glory

  8. Emeka says:

    To God be the glory in Jesus name amen

  9. Musa dusu says:

    What united wait for van gaal ?