Date: 31st January 2016 at 12:01am
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More unpopular decisions from the Glazers

More unpopular decisions from the

United’s unpopular owners the Glazer family face alienating themselves even more with reports their set to demand cuts from the club’s academy programme in a bid to save money. 

The owners had seemed to escape a lot of the blame for the recent disappointing results, after seeing protest against them for several years. However the fans may well turn their attention to the controversial family once more with the latest cost-cutting measure.

The Express notes:

Despite the club’s value spiralling to around the £3billion mark and sponsorship deals flooding in the axe has been sharpened by the controversial Florida based family.

While they continue to take money out of the club – it’s estimated that £15million a year is transferred into the various family banks – the are insisting on their employees cutting back, ordering that budgets be trimmed.

The only area to survive the cut backs is Louis van Gaal’s first team squad who have their own problems, a lack of entertainment and little sign of any likely silverware.

But surprisingly for a club which has enjoyed a tradition of producing a conveyer belt of young talent, the academy hasn’t escaped the red pen of the Trafford bean counters.

The class of ’92 provided the bedrock of much of the under Sir Alex Ferguson but the academy other areas of the club is being asked to reduce their costs by 15 per cent

It remains to be seen how the latest decision to cut the academy budget will affect the club but it’s certain to leave angry as the club needs more investment in it’s youth- now, more than ever.

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