Date: 10th May 2011 at 12:51am
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Empty City stadium

Yet another packed out Eastlands

“The City is yours, the city is yours, twenty thousand empty seats, are you…….” Well we all know the rest. More comical shenanigans from the circus over at Eastlands.

If City beat Spurs tonight then they’ll achieve Champions League football for the first time in their history, so you’d think it would be easy to get rid of tickets right? Wrong. Only 24 hours before kick off the official City website was offering cut price tickets:

“Tuesday’s match against Spurs could be a historic one for the Blues and we want as many people as possible there to help the team.

“There are a few tickets remaining for the crucial encounter and they are now available for just £20 for adults and over 65s while under 16s can come for just £10.

“Tickets at this special price are strictly limited and will be available on a first come first served basis.”

It’s a sorry state of affairs when the “best supported club in Manchester” can’t even fill a 40 odd thousand seater stadium for such an historic clash. With Gary Cook claiming the club wanted to increase it’s capacity to rival Old Trafford, I’d suggest they get a few more fans in before they start down that route.

Here’s the link in case you thought I actually made up this sad state of affairs.



54 responses to “Official: Manchester City Struggle To Sell Tickets For Vital Clash”

  1. What a load of Manure this ste and the article is.
    And you call us bitters.
    You sour red noses
    Come on Barca

  2. Ade says:

    City don’t have 40,000 tourists and half the population of Ireland to come fill up the stadium.

    • sangreal says:

      just for sure…but city is yours, right?
      yeah, it will be…28th May when we will be at Wembley

    • JACKTHERED says:

      According to City fans everyone in Manchester is blue… but there’s 2.5million people in Manchester, how the fuck were there still around 10 000 empty seats? Are there only 35 000 football fans in the city? You bunch of bitter pricks, you’ll NEVER be a big club. Never.

  3. Mankini says:

    I am sure you both wont be attending the game, 20000 empty seats na na na , Going to the stadium? na na na

  4. when city start winning trophies all the united glory hunters will change teams. i think thats the plan.

  5. bluemoon70 says:

    So bitter and we’ve won nothing, yet. Imagine the bitterness when we do. So sad.

  6. Jacob says:

    “We’re not really here.”

  7. Red Typhoon says:

    The bitters and scouse bastards are the same deluded bunch of brainless fucks!! At least now i have respect for the renties and gooners!! Can’t u face the facts that you just can’t fill up your stadium? Isn’t that clear for all to see? On such a big night, you’s have to sell tickets at cut price just so you can call in more people?? That says it all about your support?!! You can call me what ever you want after this but let me assure you that waht ever you say does not bother me coz we are the ones winning all the trophies for the last 20 odd years…what ever said and done…you guys are so bitter..and not winning anything just makes it even more hilarious..this goes out to the scouse idiots too…anyway..34 years and counting…

  8. Baldrick says:

    Here in Qatar during the Asian Cup tournament, crowd levels were low, so for the Final they scoured labour camps and bussed in workers to fill the stadiums. Maybe Citeh could try rounding up the Homeless for the night ;o)

  9. Saeed says:

    Good article, I can’t believe the immature responses, but I shouldn’t be surprised. Comments
    about tourists and supporters from Ireland? So what!It shows MU have world wide appeal, something city,chels,spurs and other pretenders can only dream of.
    How many players in the city side are from Manchester? Where is your best player from? Where’s your temporary manager from? where’s the owner from? city is a team of mercenaries and will NEVER win a major trophy. There’s no heart and soul in that team.You cannot buy history,Abraham ovich has spent £1bn trying to buy it and has failed.
    city so called supporters should thank MU as the only reason people worldwide know of you is because your next to the most Famous and Greatest Club…MANCHESTER UNITED! (read the last word, UNITED)

  10. jetelinho says:

    poooooooor Pity
    nooooooooo class

    buying – it is the Mancini tactics

    Man. City? only a market (not at all supermarket), nothing what-so-ever to do with FOOTBALL!
    & yes, ´bitters´ suits you perfect
    or – football ulcers??