Date: 10th May 2011 at 12:51am
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Empty City stadium

Yet another packed out Eastlands

“The City is yours, the city is yours, twenty thousand empty seats, are you…….” Well we all know the rest. More comical shenanigans from the circus over at Eastlands.

If City beat Spurs tonight then they’ll achieve Champions League football for the first time in their history, so you’d think it would be easy to get rid of tickets right? Wrong. Only 24 hours before kick off the official City website was offering cut price tickets:

“Tuesday’s match against Spurs could be a historic one for the Blues and we want as many people as possible there to help the team.

“There are a few tickets remaining for the crucial encounter and they are now available for just £20 for adults and over 65s while under 16s can come for just £10.

“Tickets at this special price are strictly limited and will be available on a first come first served basis.”

It’s a sorry state of affairs when the “best supported club in Manchester” can’t even fill a 40 odd thousand seater stadium for such an historic clash. With Gary Cook claiming the club wanted to increase it’s capacity to rival Old Trafford, I’d suggest they get a few more fans in before they start down that route.

Here’s the link in case you thought I actually made up this sad state of affairs.



54 responses to “Official: Manchester City Struggle To Sell Tickets For Vital Clash”

  1. Everton Everton Everton says:

    Whoisbitternow: Do you actually read what is written? I said that you would not get past the qualifier, not that there is no point to finishing fourth. Obviously I would like Everton to finish that high.

    The fact is, until you get rid of your small-time mentality, you will never do better than you have done now. Most world-class players don’t want to play for you, which is why you end up with a squad of mercenaries. These players know full well that all they have to do is play well in your ‘Cup Final’ against United and the fans will lap it up.

    Oh, I’m forgetting, you’re actually in a real cup final for once. Wow. You might join the ranks of Portsmouth as actually winning a trophy. Impressive given your modest outlay on players!

    Like I said, small-time mentality!

    • whoisbitternow says:

      Who are you to talk about small-time mentality, you don’t get much more small time than everton. No money, No stadium No Fans, Oh sorry, 39,000 fans if your in top four in a stadium thats falling down. No trophys for 16 years, WTF are you on about, it may be 35 years but we are still here and would not mind betting we win 10 trophies before you Scouse idiots win a single one.

  2. Yaya Toure says:

    Give me 45,000 proper Blues and a few thousand empty seats over 75,000 with 50% of that glory hunters and tourists.

    United have some sort of obsession with people going to games and not selling out, always have done.

    Well, United do get more of a buzz out of belittling others than actually supporting their own team.

    You complain about your local fans being priced out but you have a pop at City for cheap tickets? £20 and £10, that’s how it should be!

    Choose United, choose to be the wanker no other fan wants to talk to on holiday.

    Vermin, every last one of you.

    • Scott says:

      To be honest i afree with your first sentence wholeheartedly. Our support has taken a hit from the G&G, many of our true supporters choose to no longer pay for tickets and more seats are being taken up by glory hunters and tourists unfortunately.

      The ensuing rant misses the point completely though, surely the most staunt fan realises that claiming “the city is yours” and plans for expanding your stadium (small man syndrome?) despite not being able to pull 50k is quite ridiculoous.

      It’s a crack at your claims, whether you pull 40k or 10k, if you didn’t make so much bother about being “the better supported club” your attendance would be a non-issue and of no hilarity value.

  3. Peter Fletch says:

    To be fair, most of Citys support base is unemployed males aged 19-35, have you seen what the JSA is a week …£36.00, how the hell can they afford a match ticket ?.

    Heres a tip i picked up at one of the cup games,if you hang around City Sq just before KO, a guy in a hi-viz jkt hands out complimentary tickets,the ones that the students union have returned,but dont tell anyone i told you ; )

    • whoisbitternow says:

      I very much doubt your statements are based on any kind of facts, however even if they are, why does that matter? Just another glory hunter spouting off crap as usual. Prick!

      • jack says:

        Haha You bitters sounds like we touched a nerve. Truth hurts bertie. Your fans are shite, all 300 hundred of them. Fuck off back to stockport. MANCHESTER IS RED

      • Peter Fletch says:

        What did i tell you ?, well i was correct, same again tonight.

  4. whoisbitternow says:

    Again another idiot spouting drivel, so City pay Toure over £1,000,000 per match now do we, what is the point of posting something that is complete crap, you brainless, fatherless imbecile?

  5. jack says:

    City in having no fans shocker. Dont you no stockport are playing that day as well. If united spent a billion and are still shit id be very worried. Arab oil money starting to feel abit dirty isit? Haha 35 years. Tick Tock.

  6. kenny says:

    What are these red idiots on about. We are at wembley on saturday do you think we are all loaded or something. Let me tell you lot last week your semi final at thet theater of debt you could buy tickets outside for a tenner. I know because i have had thousand out of your tourists and day trippers over the years. Also your green and gold scarf brigade all the lads selling them outside are blues aswell i just love going down to that place and sticking it right up you lot. I have been selling tickets 20 years outside your gaff and not served a manc in the last 4 years and that is the truth. BLUE MOON RISING.

  7. Everton Everton Everton says:

    This is actually comical. City are in the FA Cup Final, and I swear their fans act like they are in the CL final. Look lads, you’re a nothing club, an embarrassment to the city. Your claim to fame is that you’re the Manchester team. In fact, all the boys in Manchester that I know are Reds.

    Joke club, about on a level with Charlton. And you all know it! LOL!

    • notsobitter says:

      Seriously, where are you coming, of course united are still and probably will always be bigger that City, but can you not see how ridiculous it sounds coming from Everton fan. To talk of a small insignificant club
      they don’t come much smaller than the Toffees. You must be really Dom if you can not see that. We will take our chances in the champ league qualifiers and if we fail next year we will be ther again the year after. Pretty sure we won’t be joined by Everton any time this century