Date: 14th June 2011 at 9:56pm
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44 responses to “[Picture] And City Fans Wonder Why Cristiano Ronaldo Said No”

  1. del says:

    Anneeq, if this site is going to comment on City’s fans(Obsessed) then i will participate.

    More to the point, what are you doing on this site?
    I would have thought that Bradford or Leeds football forums were more up your street being from West Yorkshire an all

    • Anneeq Anwar says:

      I grew up watching the good old man utd side of the 90s, with beckham, scholes, van nistelrooy, giggs, cole and co wrecking havoc. They’re adventure and style is what got me into football. And the fact that the nucleus of the team was and is their academy. Its a great british club.

      I also grew up watching Leeds buy their success much like Shitty are trying to do, u cant respect a team like that. And nobody hardly supports bradford city lols, not even the people of bradford itself! Rugby is the sport of the populace here, its all about the bradford bulls!!

  2. del says:

    Well call me old fashioned but i believe in supporting your local team/s. I grew up supporting City as have most of my family, i would never change my allegiance regardless of Uniteds sucsess over the years.

    Band Wagon and jumper oner comes to mind

    • Anneeq Anwar says:

      Meh i find it hilarious how people say Man Utd fans jump on the bandwagon. Arsenal are full of people jumping on the band wagon. There are more people in my area that support arsenal than there are who support Utd. And there are a lot more people who support Arsenal in London collectively than the teams in their local area. They say its ‘beautiful football’ its funny that they only started appreciating it when they were winning trophies and went on their 50 game unbeaten run. Same with Chelsea, chelsea shirts werent worn in central London in my childhood, it was all bwt the red of Arsenal. Now its jam packed with blues shirts! Cant be due to their recent success can it???????

      U can support who u want lols, i just dont like the hypocracy from all the other football fans including yourselves. Chelski fans, Shitty fans and Liverscum always harp on about Man Utd buying their success, look at these hypocrites now buying players for 30 million, 50 million quid etc. Shitty, the apparent ‘peoples club’ are now in the champions league, with a squad representative of the people of Manchester obviously, as u guys like to say……

  3. Duncan says:

    Please tell me which City fans wonder why Ronaldo said ‘No’ as our headline says?? I’m sure there is not one fan in th world who is surprised by his comments.

  4. Duncan says:

    Please tell me which City fans wonder why Ronaldo said ‘No’ as our headline says?? I’m sure there is not one fan in th world who is surprised by his comments.

  5. AndyRoss says:

    John Reply:
    June 15th, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Well, to be honest it has nowt to do with what you are saying and it is a fact that most men these days prefer a shaved head which is very modern and sometimes I feel ashamed to be a United fan when I see the local fans in their rags.
    Man United fans have to accept that there are a lot of United-fans that are skinheads and racists and even nazi and are part of the EDL.
    This notion that Man United who play in nazi colours would somehow be free from racism is a joke. I have seen it first hand how hateful and racist United fans really are deep inside but there is a core of local fans that try and cover this over.
    The skinheads will take over at the old trafford forecourt and you will see it next season!

    To be honest john i dont think there is to many skinheads and nazi in india