Date: 8th June 2012 at 12:29am
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Suddenly Croatia's games will look a lot more interesting to Reds

Suddenly Croatia's games will look a lot more interesting to Reds

United have tabled a bid for Spurs playmaker Luka Modric according to the Sun’s Neil Custis, who claims the North Londoners are ready to sell one of their prized assets. 

The Sun notes:

Boss Alex Ferguson has offered Tottenham a £25million fee, rising to £30m based on appearances and success.

Modric, 26, will be handed a four-year deal worth £26m.

His wages of £125,000 a week will put him among the big earners at Old Trafford.

Modric has kept up to date with talks while at Euro 2012 with Croatia and will seal the move on his return.

This will be music to many United fans ears- if it turns out to be true, which admittedly is a big ‘if’, as many see the Croatian as the only real contender to take over from Paul Scholes.

The fee being quoted seems realistic without being insulting to Spurs nor over-the-top for a player with very little re-sale value should he complete three of his four year contract.

My only concern with this deal -again should it be true- is that it could spell the end for Tom Cleverley, a player who at the beginning of last season, looked destined to take United to another level.

Although most fans would rather see Modric over Cleverley, I still can’t help but feel diminutive young Yorkshireman may still have a bright future at Old Trafford if he can just avoid serious injury.

All this is pure conjecture of course as there’s no evidence yet that the Sun’s story is even true, but if you want you  can read it in full here:


96 responses to “Report: Luka Modric Set To Join United”

  1. salford red or dead says:

    face it spurs fans, modric will want to play for a big club at some point in his career, and they dont come any bigger than mufc

  2. Jonathan says:

    because they need money,

  3. memo says:

    keep cleverly pls build for dejung of man city and we nd good foworder and left back 3 players we nd

  4. memo says:

    am fie of my shelf man u, am man u i do nt fie of any club at england bt of myshelf we nd player like midfelder srikers wingers and 1left back, i sore if i get all this am ok because d spirit is there up man u.

  5. Mark says:

    Why put ‘if’ it’s true – the clue is it’s in the Sun. No news day so let’s make up a story. For what it’s worth I used to make up credible stories for a website and got paid for it. About 8 years ago I claimed that Tottenham were about to buy Chris Kirkland – the next day it was an ‘exclusive’ in the Sun. You couldn’t make it up – no hold on I did make it up. For what it’s worth Luka has 4 years left on his contract and Tottenham DID turn down £40m last year. If he leaves they will be looking for a similar amount. They are loathe to sell him to an English club, but, as always, if Levy sniffs a deal (£32m for Berba and £18m for Carrick and over £20m for Crouch and Pallacios!) he’ll do it. Rest assured he will fleece Man U if they have the money (which is VERY doubtful).

  6. HoskSpur says:

    He’s not worth 30 million judging by his lacklustre performances this season, but if anybody can get the best out of him it’s Fergie.

    However, it would be peculiar if Levy, who has a reputation for playing hardball (remember the Carrick and Berbatov fees) lets him go for anything less than £35 million.

    I am a Spurs fan and I would like him to stay at the Lane, but what Man United want they usually get; it’s not like Chelski last year, because they are Johnny- Come-Latelys; Man Utd are the biggest club on the planet. This isn’t just about money.


  7. jeremy says:

    I think Modric will be a better replacement 4 Paul Scholes

  8. awolaja mike says:

    modric is too expensive let go for cheaper player

  9. Adz says:

    Modric may have wanted to hold out for united and see if thfc got champs league football. That could be why 40M got rejected! A year on who knows? £15M less isnt bad going thfc could easily replace modric with that money huddlestone will be back….united will cope with or without modric anyways, but never rule out OFFERS. Especially when a players unsettled.

  10. Petr says:

    it’s really amazing how people seem to think Man Utd can’t afford players these days. You really don’t need to pay up $56m, just to prove a point, and end up with a Torres-like performing BIG NAME… and i think Sir Alex has learnt his lessons